My Best Brainstorming Happens In The Bathroom

It is true. The bathroom is great for brainstorming!!! If any of you have read my momdum chronicles blog, you will know that I have 4 kids. Yea, I mulit-task the h@## out of my day. Bathroom time is the only few minutes I have all by myself. I can read, be alone with my thoughts, think through a storyline, or, like today, I came up with a story, or a book, or something I think will be a great love story. Just in the snap of the fingers, I had a book in my head. The characters, the first line of the book, the place, how they finally meet, what may tear them and their love apart–the whole thing. And I wrote it in about 3 minutes. It was amazing. I think everyone should try it. Just go into the bathroom…ya know…when you have to do #1 or #2 and just take your time doing your business. Yes, I know how gross and kinda wierd it may sound but if any of you out there have kids–even just one–you know how hard it is to get five minutes and how thrilling it is when you actually do. So all I have to do now is find the time to write the next great love story!



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