Who would have known…

Who would have known that writing was the easy part. The hard part is actually making a dollar doing any kind of writing. It is hard to break into freelance writing with no body of work to show. I know blogging is a body of work but there are still those people who don’t think it is real writing. But let me tell you it is. It takes hours upon days upon months to create a fantastic blog. You alway have to be on your toes when it comes to stories and where your muse is. Ideas just don’t happen…alot of the time you have to work for them–and now we are back to working hard for any dollar you can make. To those people who think that blogging is not real writing…spend some time just blog surfing. There are some fantastic blogs out there and more created everyday. Give us bloggers a chance–you will not regret it!


2 responses to “Who would have known…

  1. You sound like my daughter.:)

    There are actually a lot of places to write that one can break into – one simply has to keep looking, submitting…and the pay is minimum.

    On Craig’s list they had some new mags looking for writers locally here.

    Keep an eye on your spelling.

    Also at the library they have yearly books on places that accept stories, poetry… Try googling online.

    Since you have small children – you could submit articles covering your experiences, helpful hints, etc. Write what you know..what you love.. Good luck!

  2. thanks…that does really help

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