Do you treat your blogging as a job?

1woman51-thumb.jpgAs any blogger, professoinal or otherwise, will tell you, blogging takes up ALOT of time.  There is no way around it. 

  • You have to post decent content.
  • You have to blog-hop and comment on other blogs
  • You have to check your e-mail and thank others for visiting your blog
  • You have to do research on and off the computer
  • You have to pay attention to your life off the computer

There is so much that goes into one’s blogging that it can and will become overwhelming.  There are so many ideas, pictures, posts, people, etc.  What are you going to do?  How are you going to catch up?  What will it take to make money?

You must slow down.  If blogging is your hobby, you must treat it as a job.  If blogging is your job, you must treat it as a job.  When I began blogging, I fell in love with it, so to speak.  I went from one blog to seven in a matter of 2 months.  I was up at the crack of dawn and up until almost the crack of dawn the next day.  I could not get enough.  I wanted to be a problogger and I wanted to be great at it.  You have to make sacrifices for any business, right?

True, but you must remember that you are blogging for your family.  Don’t neglect them.  I found that neglect was exactly what I was starting to do.  My 4 kids hardly spent time with me unless they were sitting on my lap at the computer.  My husband only ever heard about blogs, blogging, and posts.  It was when he took all the cords to our computer to work with him that I realized that maybe I needed to change how I blogged if I was going to continue to blog.  I gave myself a work week.  Monday – Friday.  No weekends.  Period.  The first couple of weeks were hard.  But I saw my family again.  I had other things to talk about besides the latest blog post.  Sure, Sunday nights I am up late catching up on e-mails and other blog’s posts, but it is so worth it.

If you are feeling overwhelmed by your blogging, step out of the blogger box and look at it from another angle.  It is your job-full or part time.  Give yourself a weekend.  You, your family, and your blogging career will thank you.

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4 responses to “Do you treat your blogging as a job?

  1. thewritersjourney

    You can get paid to blog? Seriously? Where do I sign up?

  2. Kerith,

    Good for you! You did the right thing! Blogging can certainly take over your life if you let it. Balance is very important, though–and so is your family.

    Keep up the good work!

  3. I’ve replace the TV with the computer but I only have one blog and I know it takes a lot of work. I watch over 40 blogs and love it. But, I do slow down occasionally….like the past few days.

  4. Blogs, social networks, forums they are all time consuming activities if you let them and its so easy for it all to creep up on you especially as you are at home.

    I put my laptop in one room and my family in another and make sure I physically get up and move leaving the laptop behind otherwise I would be glued to the thing…. I do love it though 🙂

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