Thursday Thirteen–6th one


Thirteen blogs I have bookmarked on my desktop and can’t remember why:

  1. Chris Brogan
  2. Moderately Confused Pinay In Deutschland
  3. Santa Claus Blog
  4. Write Stuff
  5. Sarcastic Mom
  6. Dosh Dosh
  7. Real World Martha
  8. All Sorts
  9. Taylor McKnight
  10. Bottles, Babies, and Boys
  11. Zen Habits
  12. Writing Resource Center Job Blog
  13. Why Do Work

And if you don’t believe me, ask my hubby.  He hates my desktop and wanted to clean it up one day….I threatened him with certain doom.


8 responses to “Thursday Thirteen–6th one

  1. LOL – I need to clean up my own desktop 🙂 !!

  2. Kerith –

    Thank you so for visiting my blog. It is always good to have new readers… particularly this time of year.

    I am not supposed to do this but I can confirm that you are on the “nice list”. Have a great Holiday season!

    Your lifelong friend – even when you doubt,

    Santa Claus
    Chief Executive Officer
    North Pole, Inc.

  3. I was happy to discover that Santa has a blog. My blog list that I don’t remember is longer than yours.

  4. I do the same thing, bookmark too much crap I shouldn’t and most I never go back to look at twice. The really good ones I bookmark and put in a special place so I can find them in the mess of things. I am up too.

  5. Revisit the blogs you bookmarked and skim them, you might find out why you found them interesting to start with. Happy TT.

  6. I had to smile at that! i am always bookmarking stuff and forgetting why in the world I did it!

  7. I always do this….and not only with blogs. I ‘ll bookmark some random site and have no recollection why…..I’ll have to check out some of these blog links!

  8. aww thanks I feel honored to be included:) Will add yours to mine as well! Have a prosperous New Year!

    Warm regards from Germany!

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