My First Paycheck!

I got my first “paycheck” today…blogging.  Yea…I know…can you believe it?!  All my work actually is paying off!

5 responses to “My First Paycheck!

  1. Dy-No-Mite!
    I’ll have to shout this out to the group:)

  2. tweet your next blog post so I can give ya traffic!

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  4. Congrats – verrrrry cool (and very envious from this direction – haha)

  5. Amen to everything you said. I would be very curious to hear more about what you are doing; likewise, you might be interested in clicking on my name and learning how to us ODesk. It’s a site devoted to middlemanism between freelancers and people who hire freelancers. I get a regular paycheck every week and I love it. Good luck in your quest to conquer probloggerism.

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