I am an aspiring problogger: Anyone can do it!

i-am-an-aspiring-problogger.gifI have had several, and I mean SEVERAL, people e-mail me about making money with blogging since my paycheck post.  They shared with me that they feel the same way I did.  All those rich people can blog about making money blogging all they want, but what about the average gal/guy? 

When Darren Rowse, John Chow, DoshDosh, Chris Garrett, or Alister Cameron tell you how to make money blogging, sometimes you just see the blur of the top rung of the ladder yelling down at the lowly-ness of the bottom rung.  Sometimes it is hard for that bottom rung to feel like they could write a blog that will be worth writing or worth any money (especially after Google’s ranking extravaganza).

But I am here, well, sitting here, at 12:40 AM in the morning on a cold Iowa night, to tell you that you can do it.  You can teach yourself to become a good writer and an even better blogger, no matter who you are or where you are from.  You can love it more than any job you ever had.  You will slap yourself in the head because you were always scared to try it.  You will dream about it and even “twitter” about it.  I “discovered” blogging in August of 2007 and I have never looked back.

I am not a writer by trade…didn’t even finish college, to tell you the truth.  Right now, my “trade” is being a stay at home mother.  But once I understood that, as a mother, wifey, and everything in between, I had alot to say, blogging seemed the only natural outlet.  I found problogging blogs and began reading.  I started one blog, then another, then another.  I bought and checked out books on writing.  I talked with my friends who were actually writers by trade.  Being an aspiring problogger has, is, and will be alot of work.

I feel the end to this post coming, but I don’t want to leave without showing you just how much I have made.  It isn’t alot, but it is all about the exponential growth of my income.  As you can see with Darren Rowse, everyone has to start on the bottom rung. The money isn’t alot, but the growth is.  His growth is and continues to be amazing.  But on with my growth…here is to the exponential growth of my income…may you bring me happiness, a house, a jeep wrangler, ponies, diamonds, stars in my eyes, and all that jazz.


 August:  zip, nadda, zero, nothing

September:  $0.05

October:  $0.25

November:  $0.35

December:  $6.00

January:  $70.00 (with more potential money and perks)

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10 responses to “I am an aspiring problogger: Anyone can do it!

  1. I’m inspired but wary about starting to advertise things on my blog – one thing i’m unsure of, and I know things will be different in the uk, but the thought of having to declare the earnings i made and be essentially running a self-employed business… not sure what the repercussions of that would be… I should really look it up i suppose eh!

    Congrats on the earnings! I don’t know how you find the time or patience to run so many blogs as well as being a sahm, I can barely keep up with one and my two!

  2. 🙂 I ‘ve noticed anytime you say “I made money doing “whatever” “- you get a ton of emails!!!

    Someone told me “professional means you’re getting paid.”

    So you ARE a problogger and so am I!

  3. nice post

    November: $0.35
    December: $6.00
    January: $70.00

    Wow – that’s quite amazing growth. If you could keep progressing at those rates you’d be a full time blogger in a few months. Of course there are months where you go forward and months you go back – but keep at it and over time it’ll continue to grow.

    Keep it up!

  4. Yes, the exponential growth is nice during the early phases. But also keep in mind that at a certain point, it’s going to slow down unless you plan strategically to keep it growing further.

    Enthusiasm and excitement often parallel those figures, so it’s also nice to figure on blogging about something you’re already passionate about. Carries you through the inevitable ‘Dip’.

    All success

  5. Brilliant post!

    I’m just curious to know, what kind of traffic equates to $70 per month? Obviously traffic and earnings are not linear, but I’m interested to know if your earnings grew due to readership or just by better monetization??

    Thanks, and great blog once again!!


  6. GREAT JOB! Are you going to tell us how you did it? 😉

  7. cool i am planning on starting soon. thanks for letting me know about it. hey maybe it will justify me being home while the weather is god awful this winter!

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