I need to check my stats more often…

Ok, so I noticed “something” going on with the google page rank while catching up on twitter.  So I checked my page ranks to see if anything has happened.  Everytime I have checked my page rank in the past, I was lucky to get a 1…maybe a 2 on my Momdum Chronicles blog.  Today, its a zero.  I have not checked my stats on my 4 wordpress blogs because I just figured that the news would be the same…but…check out this news about this blog…it is awesome…

PageRank Checking Icon


3 responses to “I need to check my stats more often…

  1. what IS google page rank about? I’ve seen a few posts on various blogs about it but what does it do?
    I’m interested to find out these things, congrats on the page rank 4, i’m guessing it’s a good thing from your twitter 😉

    Keep up the good work Kerith, I’m loving following your probloggin, maybe by next year I’ll have the time to start doing something similar!

  2. Mine is now downgraded to ZERO (previous PR4) *sigh*

  3. Twitter: good!!!!!! Page rank: bad, all around! I don’t like it, and I don’t care if I’m only a 1, because I am. I think Google should kill PR completely. They don’t want people selling paid advertising links, and they don’t want sponsored posts. What’s next? only saying you can have a high page rank if you use ad sense, and nothing else? Bleh!

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