PaperBackSwap is my friend.

When I first started blogging, I was (who am I kidding, i am still) broke.  But I did love to read.  So one starry night in August, I tripped upon this site, PaperBackSwap.  I was hooked. 

You swap books and get books in return.  If I remember right, you start out posting 9 books you want to get rid of and get 3 credits.  Each credit is one book you can get from someone else.  You pay the shipping when you ship a book but what is a few $$$$ compared to buying it new or even used…I have saved over $50 so far.

And there is every kind of book you can imagine.  Their blogging books are scarce but blogging is new to the un-blogging world.  But there are a few.  I really like to get the classics or books about authors.  I have gotten quote books, children’s books, and even a $100 HTML book.  I think this site is wonderful.  I know there are several sites out there like this one:  BookMooch, LibraryThing, Title Trader, Bookins, and others…but PaperBackSwap is my favorite.  But do check them out…here is a post from BookBlog about book swapping and some of these sites…yea…he isn’t a happy camper…but I have never had any problem with PaperBackSwap nor have I ever had to pay a fee to them to be part of their site.  Regardless, book swapping is a great way to expand your book collection and your mind.

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2 responses to “PaperBackSwap is my friend.

  1. I love using Paperbackswap too. I also like because I can trade DVD and CDs too.

  2. What a great idea! I’ll look into it. I read a lot, and I have to resist buying new books too often. We had a book swap basket at my workplace. I have a new job now, and I miss the book basket!

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