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I am back, baby

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I do not like plagiarism–or bloggy stealing

I am a big fan of Darren Rowse and (as is about every blogger out there).  While I was blog-surfing, I found a post from a different blog that was remarkably like one of Darren Rowse’s posts from last year.  I will leave links for both and you need to read them over and you be the judge.  If you agree with me, please leave a comment.  Maybe even digg it or stumble this post or even post about it yourself.  We all work hard at our blogging craft/hobby and we don’t need others ruining for us.

Darren Rowse:  How to Market your Blog in 2007

Other Blog:  How to Market your Blog in 2008

(did you notice it even has the same title)  This blog just makes me fume….even at home writing this post.  If you read the comments of the other blog post, Darren Rowse left a comment.  And he was so nice in the comment…and he is coming out with his 2008 list this week—so check in to for that.  The author says he gave Darren Rowse credit…I don’t think so.  In the post he says…”I read an article…”  ARE YOU KIDDING ME…an article.  I read an article last week…it was about how people plagiarize other people’s work.  The other author says he was inspired by Darren’s post.  NO…he copied and pasted it.  No inspiration there.  Inspiration, at the very least, is taking Darren’s post and re-wording it in your  style.  If you look through the other blogger’s blog, you will see he advocates finding your own “authentic voice”.  How is plagiarizing another’s work, copy and pasting an entire post, and then still using the argument that it is inspired, using your authentic voice?  Please, someone tell me!  But you be the judge…read the two posts…you won’t have to read very far to see who has the “authentic voice”.

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Family Fun Time


If any of you are fans of my other blog Kerith’s Korner of Momdum, you may have noticed the Family Fun Friday as disappeared. It is still around but I had a brain storm about it. Then we kept getting sick and it kind of took a back seat.

I have so much fun doing the activities with my kids that I thought that maybe I would try to start a Meme about having Family Fun Time with stuff found on the internet.

There is so much on the internet, that most of the time, a person doesn’t really know where to go for kid friendly and fun stuff. So every week or 2 I am going to give out Family Fun Time assignments, so to speak, on Kerith’s Korner of Momdum. I will give a few web sites concerneing the subject matter at hand. Then we all will go and do our Family Fun Time. Then you can E-Mail ( with your story and pictures and links to your blog. I will post them and then give out another great assignment.

Feel free to take any banners I post. I will make more later and post them.

Our first Family Fun Time is Holly Hobbie. You can click here or go anywhere on the web and find family fun stuff concerning Holly Hobbie. Maybe you want to make paper dolls and play with them with your kids. Maybe you want to buy a Holly Hobbie movie and watch it with your kids. Maybe you want to make a day of Holly Hobbie with your kids. What ever you want to do….have fun with it.

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turkey.jpgHappy Thanksgiving!



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YOUR REGULARLY SCHEDULED PROGRAMMING HAS BEEN INTERRUPTED BY THE SICKIES (again…can you believe it…i know…my kids get everything…and then are kind enough to give it to me)

Thursday 13


13 things a child says while trick or treating:

  1. Mommy, I have to go to the bathroom.
  2. Mommy, can I have a piece of candy?
  3. No, you can’t have any of my candy.
  4. Mommy, I’m cold
  5. How many houses are left?
  6. Are we really going to get free candy?
  7. I like the candy at home better.
  8. Mommy, I think I ate too much candy at the Halloween party at school
  9. Where are my friends?
  10. Mommy, where is your costume?
  11. Can we go home already?
  12. Mommy, I fell and I can’t get up.
  13. I think I am too old to go trick or treating.

My oldest is only 5 years old, but I really hope my kids never say the last one!