Thursday Thirteen–8 edition


13 Teeter-rific Twitter Things

  1. Twitter itself
  2. Spaz–open source twitter client
  3. Twiddeo–twitter and video
  4. twitterfeed–i just have to do this!
  5. twitter facts blog–lots of info on twitter

Now…I must feed my addiction and do a tweet or two…be careful…you could be next!

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Delurking Alert

I am delurking tonite. I have just a ton of bloggy work to do (if only I got paid for all of it) and I just didn’t want to do anything. But I have missed just commenting, checking out blogs, catching up with old blogging friends, and all that stuff. I have missed it alot. So I am just going to be “hanging out” in the blogosphere tonite…so if you are around tonite…e-mail me, comment on one of my blogs, twitter me (Kerith), and just say hi…maybe take a nite and cruise the blogs with me…maybe I will see ya around.

Free advertising…come and get your free advertising…

flugpo.gifThe Unofficial Flugpo Blog is holding a contest for 2…yea…I said 2 people to win free advertising on their blog…it is until the end of January so you better hurry!

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Link Exchange Everybody

Check out my new page—Link Exchange—we could all use some linkie love!

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My First Paycheck!

I got my first “paycheck” today…blogging.  Yea…I know…can you believe it?!  All my work actually is paying off!

I do not like plagiarism–or bloggy stealing

I am a big fan of Darren Rowse and (as is about every blogger out there).  While I was blog-surfing, I found a post from a different blog that was remarkably like one of Darren Rowse’s posts from last year.  I will leave links for both and you need to read them over and you be the judge.  If you agree with me, please leave a comment.  Maybe even digg it or stumble this post or even post about it yourself.  We all work hard at our blogging craft/hobby and we don’t need others ruining for us.

Darren Rowse:  How to Market your Blog in 2007

Other Blog:  How to Market your Blog in 2008

(did you notice it even has the same title)  This blog just makes me fume….even at home writing this post.  If you read the comments of the other blog post, Darren Rowse left a comment.  And he was so nice in the comment…and he is coming out with his 2008 list this week—so check in to for that.  The author says he gave Darren Rowse credit…I don’t think so.  In the post he says…”I read an article…”  ARE YOU KIDDING ME…an article.  I read an article last week…it was about how people plagiarize other people’s work.  The other author says he was inspired by Darren’s post.  NO…he copied and pasted it.  No inspiration there.  Inspiration, at the very least, is taking Darren’s post and re-wording it in your  style.  If you look through the other blogger’s blog, you will see he advocates finding your own “authentic voice”.  How is plagiarizing another’s work, copy and pasting an entire post, and then still using the argument that it is inspired, using your authentic voice?  Please, someone tell me!  But you be the judge…read the two posts…you won’t have to read very far to see who has the “authentic voice”.

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