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I am back, baby

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I am an aspiring problogger–Where To Start

I am a stay at home mom to 4 kids.  My oldest is a 5 year old brainiac.  My next oldest is a 2 year old little princess who is going on 16.  My 3rd and 4th are a set of 10 month old twin boys.  Yea, I know…can you believe I have so many kids…oh yea…and I am married…well…kind of married.  I have been trying to find something to do for years that I can stay at home with my kids and still make money.  And I have tried it all.  Sometimes it doesn’t work out–data entry–sometimes I spent more money then I actually made (yea…my hubby hated those “business ventures”) by selling this and that from home–sometimes I had to work outside of the home–gas stations–and sometimes I just didn’t do anything at all.  But then I discovered blogging and I was hooked. 


Like most new bloggers, I had no idea where to start.  So I, of course, googled blogging and terms like it.  I found several blogs/sites that could told me they could make me money as long as I could pay them money.  I found countless people who claimed to be probloggers–but just wanted my money.  I researched for weeks about blogging before I actually did any blogging.  But I also needed something where I could blog and not have to spend any money–due to past, failed “business ventures” that ate our money and raising kids takes alot of money.

I finally decided on Blogger.com and WordPress.com.  Yes, I knew starting out that I should begin blogging with my own domains.  But I didn’t have the money to buy a domain ($6-$20) and I didn’t have the money to pay for hosting 1 or more blogs.  Even hosting locally here in Iowa would have cost me at least $30/month, if not more.  That might not be alot for some people-but paying $30 or more a month just to type on a blog that doesn’t even make me any money yet is alot of money for a family of 6. 

SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSoooooooooooooo…I had to go with the free platforms until I started to make some money and could afford my own domains and hosting.

Blogger is super easy to learn.  I got all my blogs there off the ground the first day.  I think it is a fantastic place for the first time blogger to start.  It is actually a point-n-click blogging platform…which was great for me at the time because the only thing I had done with the internet prior to blogging was to shop and to play on PBSkids with my son.

WordPress was easy as well.  There are alot more templates to choose from.  The ability to change those template’s colors or headers is a wonderful feature as well.  It is less of a point-n-click platform than Blogger is.  I did spend about 5 days trying to find the HTML that would allow me to link up a picture to a website.  Yea…that kind of sucked.  But once I found it, it was awesome.  I felt like I could take over the world…or at least…link my picture to my other blogs.  It was a wonderful feeling.  But I digress–

Blogger was easier to learn but WordPress gave me a more professional feel.  I did sign up at about 10 other free platforms but they were either hard to understand or I couldn’t figure out how to get a picture to post or I couldn’t use any advertising in my blog–stuff like that.


Now that you know were to start…Go…Start…You HAVE to begin blogging.  There are many different options for everyone, but these are the two that worked out for me.  Blogger and WordPress.com made it possible for me to begin my career as an aspiring problogger.  If I can become an aspiring problogger, anyone can.


My first paycheck

Do you treat your blogging as a job?

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My First Paycheck!

I got my first “paycheck” today…blogging.  Yea…I know…can you believe it?!  All my work actually is paying off!

I do not like plagiarism–or bloggy stealing

I am a big fan of Darren Rowse and Problogger.net (as is about every blogger out there).  While I was blog-surfing, I found a post from a different blog that was remarkably like one of Darren Rowse’s posts from last year.  I will leave links for both and you need to read them over and you be the judge.  If you agree with me, please leave a comment.  Maybe even digg it or stumble this post or even post about it yourself.  We all work hard at our blogging craft/hobby and we don’t need others ruining for us.

Darren Rowse:  How to Market your Blog in 2007

Other Blog:  How to Market your Blog in 2008

(did you notice it even has the same title)  This blog just makes me fume….even at home writing this post.  If you read the comments of the other blog post, Darren Rowse left a comment.  And he was so nice in the comment…and he is coming out with his 2008 list this week—so check in to Problogger.net for that.  The author says he gave Darren Rowse credit…I don’t think so.  In the post he says…”I read an article…”  ARE YOU KIDDING ME…an article.  I read an article last week…it was about how people plagiarize other people’s work.  The other author says he was inspired by Darren’s post.  NO…he copied and pasted it.  No inspiration there.  Inspiration, at the very least, is taking Darren’s post and re-wording it in your  style.  If you look through the other blogger’s blog, you will see he advocates finding your own “authentic voice”.  How is plagiarizing another’s work, copy and pasting an entire post, and then still using the argument that it is inspired, using your authentic voice?  Please, someone tell me!  But you be the judge…read the two posts…you won’t have to read very far to see who has the “authentic voice”.

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Best of 2007: The Best 16 Sites To Get Your Blog Bling


Come and find your blog bling.  You can find widgets, blog templates, chat boxes, calendars, podcasting, and the kitchen sink…well, not the kitchen sink.  But this will keep you busy for days deciding what to put on your blog.

  1. Create Blog–all sorts of stuff for your blog
  2. Favicons–check this site out…so much stuff.
  3. Say It–make your own graphics and pictures