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Thursday 13–Keywords


13 Keywords I want this blog to come up in:

  1. Problogger
  2. Kerith
  3. Freelance Writer
  4. Freelancer
  5. Networking
  6. Increase readership
  7. Make money blogging
  8. Aspiring Problogger
  9. Blogging mom
  10. Mother
  11. Mommy
  12. Blogging Tips
  13. Blog


i am an aspiring problogger

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Thursday Thirteen–8 edition


13 Teeter-rific Twitter Things

  1. Twitter itself
  2. Spaz–open source twitter client
  3. Twiddeo–twitter and video
  4. twitterfeed–i just have to do this!
  5. twitter facts blog–lots of info on twitter

Now…I must feed my addiction and do a tweet or two…be careful…you could be next!

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Thursday 13


13 blogs that are kind of problogging blogs:

Thursday Thirteen–6th one


Thirteen blogs I have bookmarked on my desktop and can’t remember why:

  1. Chris Brogan
  2. Moderately Confused Pinay In Deutschland
  3. Santa Claus Blog
  4. Write Stuff
  5. Sarcastic Mom
  6. Dosh Dosh
  7. Real World Martha
  8. All Sorts
  9. Taylor McKnight
  10. Bottles, Babies, and Boys
  11. Zen Habits
  12. Writing Resource Center Job Blog
  13. Why Do Work

And if you don’t believe me, ask my hubby.  He hates my desktop and wanted to clean it up one day….I threatened him with certain doom.



13 Ways to Say “Very Good”:

  1. Marvelous
  2. Wonderful
  3. Super
  4. Congratulations
  5. Perfect
  6. Terrific
  7. Excellent
  8. Sensational
  9. Clever
  10. Tremendous
  11. Outstanding
  12. Superb
  13. Wow

Now go and check out more 13’ers…and spread the love.

Thursday Thirteen-4th


13 of the best writing sites on the web today:

  1. Writing Time
  2. The Poetry Market E-zine
  3. The Freelance Writing Organization
  4. Once Written
  5. Mom Writers Literary Magazine
  6. Media Bistro
  7. LuLu
  8. Kid Magazine Writers
  9. Gutenberg
  10. Agent Query
  11. Constant-Content
  12. Editor and Publisher Jobs
  13. Writer’s Digest Magazine

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